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Marimbas at Beatin' Path Publications
The making of a bass marimba for Tabb Elementary School in Yorktown, Virginia in February 2019.

This video presents Swishy Feet, a piece for Orff xylophones and home made marimbas. The piece is played by the Level 2 students of the VCU Orff course in 2012.

Severed Consistence from High Sticking by Scott Tarantino and David Ruggiero. Played by the Level 2 class at the Memphis Summer Orff Institute in 2015.

In the fall of 2013, Brent Holl traveled to Rural Retreat Elementary School to help the students make a Bass Marimba. Here is the documentary

Santuri works its magic on the sounds of the Embaire (giant xylophone) and its troupe and takes them to DoaDoa Festival.
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